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Nov 06, 2006


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Dana Ames

I'm interested in reading David Kuo's book. I've seen him in interviews and on BookTV, and it sounds like his perspective should be heeded. He's not an ax-grinder, and he has things to say to people of all political stripes, not just conservatives. Unfortunately, those who probably would benefit from it will probably not read it.


Michael Kruse

I'd like to read it as well. I have never had the sense the Evangelicals or the NAE were having significant impact on the specifics of the Republican agenda. What I have heard of his critiques rings true.


Urgh, I hate hearing that song!!!! It wouldn't suck so bad if the music wasn't so banal and the chorus so 7-11 (7 words sung 11 times--or in this case, a 2 syllable word strung out into 7...blech!).

Michael Kruse

LOL Come on now, Jinny. What do you really think? :)

Ryan O

I think you are right about ruling, but that is because of the fundamental design of the government. It is all over the anti-federalist papers, nobody seemed to want any sort of tyranny of the majority.
In terms of retreat, when Christians have engaged in politicking historically, we see stupid things like prohibition, so maybe that is for the best...

Michael Kruse

Yes. Many seem to forget that a certain lack of efficiency and speed was by design. To get change there really has to be a demand for it. I think it was Twain who said our form of government was the worst form on earth ... except for all the others.


Actually, today, it's mostly secular institutions, like colleges, that would like to see alcohol go the most--it messes up their property, students, and causes all kinds of problems for them.

I think people who believe the US has been totally evangelized, think it's a Christian nation, and the like, are living in some kind of bubble.

The US is equally fallen as any other country, and it's a worse case here because the words of pre-1776 preachers were twisted to stir up patriotism for the Revolutionary War! (Hatch, Marsden, & Noll's book is must-read).

The American 'faith' is NOT the same as Christian Faith. "Life, liberty, and the prusuit of happiness" comes from Locke (for him it was the pursuit of property!). Christians are slaves of Christ (yes, slave or servant; it's all the same in Greek), meaning we have a Master. Christ frees us from sin--not to do whatever we want, but to be free to obey God!

Michael Kruse

Preach it!

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