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Dec 28, 2006


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Interesting analysis and theories about where the feelings of decline come from. Do you think another contributor to pessimism might be that modernity's metanarrative of progress is so thoroughly doubted? Postmodern multiculturalism makes everyone doubtful that a gain in one area is a gain for everyone.

Michael W. Kruse

Nathan, I think the postmodern shift must feed into it somehow. We could have the debate about whether postmodern is truly a break from Modernism or a type of hyper-Modernism. Either way, major change brings anxiety.

I take the position that the general idea of progress actually is not a product of Modernism but of Christianity. Modernist Enlightenment thinkers dethroned God as "progressively" working out his purposes in history and inserted autonomous humanity as the masters of progress. It is my position that a return to the biblical narrative includes the idea of progress but with God, not human beings, at the center. But I digress.... :)

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