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Dec 18, 2006


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Those drives do not require drivers to be recognized or work, so it's either a cable problem or the drive is bad. If you can replicate the problem on other machines I would definitely try another cable.

Michael W. Kruse

I have tried another cable and it worked the same on all three computers. I am 99% certain that something is screwy with the drive itself. It gives every indication of being functional except it isn't listed in "My Computer" or anywhere else as an available drive.




Doh! Sorry dude! I feel for ya...that's why I keep 3 copies of all my data. If you are semi-technical, pop the box open and you will find a standard laptop drive inside of it. You can connect the drive to a mini ide to ide adapter. It's likely the drive (disk) itself is fine, so the data is recoverable...you just have to find a way to get to it.

For about $29 you can get another extrnal case at best buy and pop the drive in a new case and get it working that way:



These are the times I have to resist throwing things out the window. These are also the times I wish for the more simple times when we just couldn't find what we wanted because we misfiled it, in our paper box.


Try this ... if the disk format or cable has been corrupted somehow ... boot with a Linux liveCD and plug it in. Linux has some very good drivers for mounting mangled windows disks.

Plus ... it only costs downloading and burning a CD.

Michael W. Kruse

Virgil and Nate, thanks for some options. I will try these out but probably not until after Christmas. The data on the drive is not urgent, just important. I'll probably try the Linux idea first, ide drive second, and placing it on the rail of train track in front of an oncoming train third.

Michael W. Kruse

PJ, I have always loved the expression.

"To err is human. To really foul things up requires a computer."

I usually love tech stuff, but not right now. :)

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