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Feb 22, 2007


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Dana Ames

Whatever book you want to blog is good enough for me...

Also, some years ago I read Stevens'"The Equippers' Guide to Every-Member Ministry", and I liked it very much- made a great deal of sense. I'm happy to hear his further thoughts.



Don't blog too fast about it or I won't keep up! (Just got my copy and it's still sitting unopened!)


Michael W. Kruse

Dana, I haven't read that one but I do have called "The Equipping Pastor" which I have not read.

RPS, I exepect to go pretty slow. My blogging pace has been wearing me down. Plus he has so much here that a lot can be discussed about even bit sized chunks.

will spotts

I'm unfamiliar with the book but very interested in the topic.

My background is somewhat similar to yours. Though I was also very suspicious of the instantaneous sanctification claims - at least as these were demonstrated.

I think your two wings of the same bird analogy is a good one.

Michael Kruse

Thanks Will. I am just full of fowl ideas but this one I stole from Sider.

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