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Mar 16, 2007


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Jerry Deck

As a recent seminary graduate I can say that it was beat into our heads over and over again that we are the ones responsible for looking after our own spiritual/mental/familial health. That congregant members were probably not going to do this for us.

So, while I believe we can do things to help the congregation understand what we as pastors may need, I also believe that in the end it is up to us to set the boundaries. My fear is that we as pastors just feed into our "misery" by blaming the congregants for not giving us more time when perhaps we should be doing this ourselves.

paul merrill

Great post!

I prayed for 2 pastor friends as I read the post.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Paul.

Jerry, I think one of the things these two observations points out to me is that no one feels like community is being created and everyone feels the church is failing them at key points.

jon swanson

As one of the two pastors Paul prayed for...

I'm one of the 20% who doesn't feel the negative impact on my family. Now.

It's happened in part because at the beginning of the year my wife and I started walking almost every day, giving us time to talk about a number of things and improving our health. It's happened in part because we have a great team that looks out for each other. It's happened in part because we keep reminding each other that this isn't our church, it's God. And our elders actually believe that to be true.

However, we have also spent time training elders to understand that unlike Diehl, their lives matter.

We don't come anywhere close to where we'd like to be, but I am so grateful, right now, to not be on the bad side of the statistics.

Oh. And this week, God gave my wife a friend.

Thanks for praying, Paul

Michael W. Kruse

Very cool Jon! There are some reasonably healthy places.

I have a pastor friend who tells me that he keeps handing God his resume for the position "Savior of the World." God keeps returning it stamped "Position Already Filled."


tina gasperson

With all due respect, I believe this happens because, while the pastor gifting certainly exists and is thriving in the Body, the office of Senior Pastor (or Lead Pastor if you're postmodern) is something we have created. It has the pyschological effect of lessening personal spiritual responsibility for most of us, and the actual effect of overtaxing and burning out a certain few.

Michael W. Kruse

I with you Tina! We are all called to ministry in the world. Pastors exist to equip and send us out into ministry. We are the ministers and the world is the object of our ministry. We have distorted it into the pastor is the minister and we are the objects of ministry.

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