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Mar 28, 2007


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Maybe it's my age, but having studied under Dr. George Ladd at Fuller I can't limit the Kingdom of God to only Christ's rule. There is a physical Kingdom that is to come about in God's timing Revelation 22.

I haven't read the book yet. I appreciate you're walking us through it. Just my two-cents worth.


Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Alan. I am not that familiar with Ladd (Yet. I have him on my reading list.) I don't think Steven's would disagree with your comments about Rev 22. God is indeed ultimately sovereign overall in the eschatological sense.

If there is a Kingdom of God and a kingdom of darkness, then some things have not fully been brought under Christ's reign. I think Stevens is concerned that we not confuse the Kingdom of God with an institution (i.e., If you are a member of a church institution you are part of the kingdom of God. If not, you are not.) or with a physical territory. It is through the transformation of hearts and minds, and the actions that flow out of those hearts and minds, the every principality power ends up fulfilling the Rev. 22 prophecy. It is transformation from within rather than conquering and assimlating from without.

I may be putting word in Stevens mouth but that is what I took form him.


It is a long time since I read Ladd, but my memory is that he puts too much emphasis on the "not yet" and not enough on the "now". I like the way that Stephens makes the kingdom real for now.

Michael W. Kruse

Me too. One of things I was struck by after reading the book the first time was how Stevens gives you a vision of being throughly integrated into something that is vital and alive.

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