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Apr 04, 2007


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Peter Kirk

Thanks for fixing the problem. This is now visible on my screen in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox, although the first few words after the table are in small print.

The Firefox problem may well be because I have a high resolution screen and so more pixels per inch than standard. I suspect that the column widths in your template are specified in pixels, which means that on my screen they are less inches and less characters wide than expected. This is a design error in your template, which IE tries to compensate for (but in doing so breaks Internet standards) but Firefox does not. I know quite a lot about this problem!

Michael W. Kruse

One of the few things I dislike about Typepad is that it doesn't have a true WYSIWYG feature that lets you see what the true final post will look like. I created the table in Word and pasted it into the post. It looked fine in the editor but once posted it cut off the right column. I didn't see that until later and fixed it by just resizing the font. The table automatically adjusted.

Sorry about the Firefox issue. I have other browsers than IE. I need to check out some of these posts in other browsers.

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