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Apr 05, 2007


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I fully agree that the heresy of "disharmony between those who claim to be theologically approved but live as practical atheists" is rampant in the church today. We need orthodoxy but we also need a fresh dose of orthopraxis and orthopathos.
I love the idea of orthopathos, it is a critical and often missing element. Erwin McManus has ofter said that he is more concerned about what people care about than what they believe, because what they care about is a more accurate reflection of their belief. You can believe something and reject it (it may be true but I'm going to do what I want anyway), you can believe something and ignore it (speed limits!) or you can believe something and care about it, this is when belief begins to change how we live our lives.

Michael W. Kruse

I was especially drawn to the orthopathos idea as well. Having the mind AND heart of God.

I like McManus too. I have at least one of his books on the shelf waiting to be read.

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