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May 28, 2007


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Dana Ames

I wonder if he would ship his unwanteds to Jamie Arpin-Ricci in Winnipeg? Jamie says he will take anything.

or email him at jamie at arpin-ricci dot com.


Dana Ames

The year before we married, my husband (not a "cat person" but an animal lover) took pity on a pair of kittens, siblings from a litter a careless neighbor allowed her cat to have. The battleship gray male he named Fric, and the gray striped female he named Frac. Three weeks before our wedding (May 20, 29 years ago- yes, May is a good month to get married) Frac had 4 kittens and ran away. My sister-in-law dropper-fed them for us while we were on our honeymoon. We gave two away when they were old enough. That's how we ended up with three cats when we were first married.


Dana Ames

Yes, it was careless of Larry to let Frac get pregnant too- by the time he had the money put together for spaying, it was too late-

I would never have three cats again. I think I might like two though.

Ok, enough.

Michael W. Kruse

If I ever see the guy I'll put him on to Jamie.

Two cats are fine. However, Isaac believes one is the max. Now fifteen years old, and five years as the only cat, we are not going to try to introduce a new one into the house. But when the big guy passes on I suspect we will look for a couple of litter mates. Two males of differing ages did not work well. *grin*

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