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Jul 18, 2007


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Hmm, as a youth pastor I may have to disagree here.

I don't know about the rise in homogenization. In fact I think the effects of the increasing networking of society is more in play here then ever. It has allowed small minority groups to collalece so where as 10-15 years ago there were 4 or 5 major stereotypes in HS movies ... now there are 10-15.

These tribes are becoming more and more distinct and at the same time are becoming more individually homogeneous ... i.e. each group is more homogeneous across geographic/ethnic lines but more tribal then before as well.

The shift to logical or serial thinking is gone I think. They tend to be even higher multitaskers ... not the other way around.

MarkO - president of Youth Specialties and a guru of this stuff has even questioned if generational studies have much impact on relating to youth: http://www.ysmarko.com/?p=1738


Michael W. Kruse

I agree with MarkO about much of what passes for generational analysis but I would place Strauss and Howe in a different league.

S & H often use terms in more narrowly specific ways and right now I can't remember how they used the term.

The thing I read and hear about in business circles is that Millennials are indeed good at organizing themselves to accomplish a task. However, that task usually has to be assigned to them. When it comes to discerning which task to do, with reference to an abstract vision, they are nearly paralyzed. I thinkg strategic vs. tactical is what S&H were aiming for with there parallel vs logcial analogy.

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