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Jul 11, 2007


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Peter Kirk

Strange. Today the BBC has an article saying precisely the opposite, based on a quite different set of data.

Michael W. Kruse

Hehehe.. Ain't following this stuff fun? *grin*

Jennifer McHenry

Global warming is such a complicated topic. I don't think anybody is completely sure of anything aside from the fact that globally the temperatures are rising. I tend to be of the school that global temperatures are cyclical, probably associated both with the sun and changes in our orbit. But I also believe we are speeding the cycle up with our various environmental abuses. It never hurts to do things in moderation, whether or not were the cause of this warming trend. But I suspect you already agree with that.

Michael W. Kruse

Jennifer, there is a wonderful scene in "Field of Dreams" where Moonlight Graham is pulled aside by one of the older ballplayers. The dialog goes something like this:

Older Player: "He just threw you two pitches way inside. Where is the next one going to be?"

Graham: "In my ear?"

Older Player: "No. He's setting you up for an outside pitch. Look for the ball on the outside part of the plate ... but watch out for in your ear."

I'm not persuaded about CO2 being the culprit but I'm looking out for "in my ear." *grin*

Climate science is still in its formation and it is exceedingly complex. Over reaction and under recation to any given possible problem can be very costly. I think "prudence" is the operative word.

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