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Jul 12, 2007


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Ken Klewin

Here's a clue from the Wikipedia entry on Engels (of Marx & Engels):
"The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State is an important and detailed seminal work connecting capitalism with what Engels argues is an unnatural institution - family - designed to "privatize" wealth and human relationships contrary to the way animals and early humans evolved. It was written when Engels was 64 years of age and at the height of his intellectual power and contains a comprehensive historical view of the family in relation to the issues of class, female subjugation and private property."[emphasis added]
With this kind of heritage, is it any wonder that the left is anti-family?

Michael W. Kruse

I suspect that many who advocate policies that harm families are not philosophically oppossed to the family. I think it is more that full ramifications of policy decisions are not considered and underdeveloped understandings of the primacy of the family are at work.

I'll also say that I think Libertarians are a part of the problem in their overemphasis on the individual.

Dana Ames

I think a lot of the bath water people wanted to throw out had to do with realizing that the institution itself does not require people to be kind and treat one another well. IOW, just because you were married and/or conceived a child didn't automatically make you a good spouse or parent. People linked the deficiencies of the individuals with the institution that sometimes has supported relational misery. Some of them were reacting to the people supporting the structure, rather than the structure supporting people.


Michael W. Kruse

The sad thing is that forty years ago, working class families were committed to marriage and wealthier educated folks were the ones who began to turn on the institution. In the past couple of decades we have seen a marked shift by wealthier educated folks back toward embracing tradtional families. But the abandonment of family seeped down to the working class and poor. Wealthier folks could weather the chaos their decisions made but the more vulnerable in society have had incredible havoc unleashed on their lives becasue of the break up of the family. Marriage caught a cold with the upper classes but it has been full scale pneumonia for the poor.

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