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Aug 04, 2007


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Dana Ames

Here are some from a different angle:



Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Dana. Bob had those linked as well.


Hilarious posters!
Also, saw your comments on the minimum wage over on Vanguard. You were completely right. I guess that's why I agreed with your side on the issue. However, being right never made anyone more popular.

Michael W. Kruse

I'm actually thinking of printing out the U2 poster and putting that in my office. I can most identify with it.

As to the Vanguard discussion, I don't know how "right" I am but I do know that when I come to economic issues I'm frequently "Right." (as opposed to Left.) :)



Those are GREAT. I really like the "incarnational living". Can't wait for an "Organic Church" poster...


Michael W. Kruse

I'm actually considering making some Presbyterian posters, but first I'm evaluating how much trouble I'll get in.


Bob Robinson


Sometimes "Right" is, in fact, "right." But only SOMEtimes...


Michael W. Kruse


Dana Ames posted a comment on post article about N. T. Wright. He supposedly said he believes he is about 70% right in what he teaches, he just isn't sure which 70%.


I like it.

will spotts

These are great.

St. Blogwen

Mike-- Here's a caption for a PCUSA poster: "We're on a Faith Journey . . . Did Anyone Remember to Bring the GPS?"

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