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Aug 20, 2007


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Dana Ames

I think it is exactly opportunity that brings immigrants here- it's what brought my grandparents here, as they saw opportunities diminish in Italy.

It behooves us to create and keep open as many opportunity options as we can. Wish politicians- of all stripes -would take note.


Michael W. Kruse

My great-grandfather Kruse came from Denmark 125 years ago because he wanted to farm. Being a youngest child, he was not going to inherit land. Land was cheap in Nebraska so he moved there to take advantage of the opportunities.

I agree about opportunities. However, opportunities are only meaningful if one has the knowledge to know how to access them and the support network to encourage pursuit of opportunities. One of my biggest criticisms of conservative economic types who are Christians (who I agree with on a great many things) is the idea of making opportunities available is sufficient. If we are truly to take the mandate that their be no poor among you, then we have to be invested in being sources of transformation in the lives of people living dysfunctional contexts, empowering them to seize opportunities.

Dana Ames


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