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Aug 22, 2007


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Dana Ames

This brings added insight to Jesus saying not to call any man "father". Ripping it out of context may provide a point in an argument about whether there should be an ecclesiastical priesthood. Putting it back in its context (it's servant's who are the greatest, not those with titles and "power") and bringing these ideas along makes it a much more political statement, as well as something that bears on "religious sensibilities".

Thanks for the article.


Michael W. Kruse

And not just a political statement in terms of internal church politics but a direct affront to Caesar calling himself father of the fatherland.

Dana Ames

That's what I meant :)

Resonates with Wright re Caesar.

The point the author makes about eschewing domination is also so very in line with Willard's take in "Divine Conspiracy" on the Serm. on the Mt. It's not a new list of unkeepable laws, but rather an announcement of the Kingdom being open to all in and through Jesus, no matter one's status or situation (beatitudes), and then snapshots of what the Kingdom life might look like as it is lived out (the rest of it), particularly with regard to putting away domination, coersion and manipulation of every sort.


Michael W. Kruse

I thought that was what you meant but wasn't sure. :) Just wanted to make sure it was clear.

Ain't it amazing what we see when we read this stuff through the eyes of the author and audience instead of reading our culture into it?

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