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Sep 24, 2007


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Nate Custer


Sorry but this betrays more the newspapper's bias then any real apples to apples comparison. If a nightly news show did a report about global warming and only interviewed a scientist that had invented a biofuel who said the real cost of global warming is: $X.

You would ask for data.

That fully loaded price i.e. hardware and software is compared against the OLPC which has uses free software. So the cost comparision is not valid. At his best he can deliver a desktop experiance that does not even compare to a olpc laptop experiance for more money then the olpc.

It also does not address the internet access issues nor the power supply concerns that the OLPC has custom hardware and software solutions to handle.

Its a cool idea, I am glad he is selling his software, and glad that more people can use computers because of it. But the OLPC guys were not persuing less then 2 million seat deals with any government, so their failure to get a 2 million seat deal as fast as this guy gets a 100,000 seat deal is not as meaningful as the article sounds.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for the analysis Nate. I haven't really taken the time to really analyze the the variables on this one. I include this article because I think it offers an interesting competitive attempt. By comparing models we learn things. :)

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