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Sep 19, 2007


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Peter Kirk

At 78.33% I am happy to see that I am well above the Harvard level - and I am not even an American!

Michael W. Kruse

Kinda scary, huh!



I am sorry that Centre College was not included in the test. However, since we are most like Rhodes College of any college in America, I can take some solace in the fact that Rhodes won this fairly dismal contest.

(Oh, and 98.33 - I missed #58)

Michael W. Kruse

It would be interesting to know how students performed by major.


As another non-American I was glad to see that I scored well about the average. with just over 80%. I should have done better and kicked myself when I realized where I messed up. Hats off to a good British education.

Michael W. Kruse

I missed two. One because I simply marked the wrong answer inadvertently. But I'll admit that there were maybe five or six where I had to work through a process of elimination.

D.L. Webster

I only got an 81.67% I'll continue to study.

Michael W. Kruse

LOL. Last I checked, 82% is a B. In a class where the vast majority is flunking. :) I also suspect you aren't a social sci or poli sci geek and may have a life. :)

Dan Anderson-Little

I took the test and scored the same as Mike. I would be interested to know how other pastors score (I was a history major in college and am a news junkie so that may make a difference). I also wonder if such tests really are good indicators of the quality of American civics and therefore if lower scores indicate that in the future America will be less free. I wonder how citizens of other countries where there are much higher voting percentages would score on a comparable civics test written for their country.

Michael W. Kruse

Good questions Dan. I too wonder how much knowing things about philosphical fine points of Aristotle and Plato contribute to the average voter's ability to make sound decisions. I hoping to do a mulitiple post review of book call the "Myth of the Rational Voter" next month (I hope :) ) that gets into some of this.

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