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Sep 21, 2007


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J. K. Gayle

Thanks for continuing to give ideas on the meanings of "head," especially in words of Hebrew & Greek.

Doesn't grammar flavor the senses of "head"?

English illustrates some:

verbal: "head up" = "rule"; "head over" / "head in" / "head out" / "head down" / "head to" / "head off to" = "begin to go that way"; "head on" = "directly"

adjectival: "head employee" or "head noun" = "the top one" or "the preeminent"; "heady" = "of the intellect"

Michael W. Kruse

I think my Webster's Unabridged lists more than 80 uses of "head" in English. I think it is also possible for head to have double meanings in some instances. Context is important.

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