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Sep 18, 2007


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Thanks for your great summaries and insights on these household passages Michael.

You present your thoughts clearly and logically and it makes so much sense to me as I read through it all.

One of the biggest challenges I find in discussing the whole issue of 'headship' and women in ministry is the 'emotion' that is involved... not just with the women either! but from the (normally) 'mild mannered' husbands who have had 'traditional' up-bringings in which they have been taught over and over again - both directly and indirectly - that as the 'head' they have some kind of special spiritual leadership over their wife... the greatest irony is that many marriages around me are in 'practice' actually very 'egalitarian' - even though the husbands supposedly 'theologically' hold to male leadership over the wife.
it just seems to hard to divorce our 'feelings' from the discussion as we approach the scriptures...

looking forwards to the Eph post!

many thanks

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Kerryn!

I agree with you about how most people actually live versus what they say. These issues touch on areas that are deeply part of our identities and I think that makes it very hard to dispassionately examine what the Word says.

The next few posts are going to be on "head." I start back up on Thursday.

J. K. Gayle

Michael, I think you are on to something here. And in a big way you inspired my post "Heart and Soul" at http://speakeristic.blogspot.com/. Don't you think the Hebrews conceived of kidneys and heart in much the same way? And the Hellenes of the two organs, perhaps, in contrast? Looking forward to your next post on this topic!

Peter Kirk

For some reason you don't seem to have got a trackback from a post at Better Bibles Blog which refers to this one as "excellent".

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for the link J. K. I think the Hebrews understood kidneys in a similar way. Heart, bowels and kidneys all seem very similar and the same with the Greeks, though I'm not expert and there could be nuances I haven't captured.

I'll have more in the morning and I'll link your post then. I don't consider myself an expert on all this. This is my attempt to make sense of all this after years of struggling with it.

Peter, thank for Suzzane's link. I actually have one of her posts linked in my next post.

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