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Oct 31, 2007


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any chance this is available as a pdf file?


Michael W. Kruse

gt, I'm sorry but I don't have this in any other form. You are the third person in recent weeks who has asked for a copy of this. I hope tot eventually convert this into pdf or book. Thanks.



I just finished a letter in which I mused about a bunch of early Christian family things, and if you don't mind, would you take a look? Feedback and corrections that makes me think would be greatly appreciated.


Also, do you know of this book: Halvor Moxnes (ed),

    Constructing Early Christian Families
(1997)? Is it a reliable ethnology forensic source, in your opinion? I've only read the first chapter, but I find it fascinating.



Michael W. Kruse


Wonderful post. It seems to me that Jesus was not abolishing the family we know in this age but proclaiming that we have a higher allegiance to the Household of God where, where God is the paterfamilias and we are all siblings. I like how you are dealing with this in connection to Jesus encounter with the Sadducees.

I saw the Moxnes book sometime back but I haven't read it. Your mention of it here reminds me that it was one I wanted to read, so I just ordered a copy. :-) From what I recall, I think it is considered with high regard among those who are experts but I can't speak to it myself. Thanks.



Thanks for the feedback. I have to tell you, I had a great time thinking about this stuff while preparing for the 12 Nov 2010 letter. I hadn't thought of it as shift in allegiance to a different 'head of household' (God) while keeping the same structure (family as institution), but as you mention it, it seems like one of the possible/probable paths for converts to make in their understanding of Christian family and faith community. More good things to think about.

Thanks again--


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