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Oct 30, 2007


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Michael, surprisingly I'm seeing a lot more Americans than Britishers coming here for treatment. The most popular operations are heart bypasses and even the complete evaluation - cardiac cath, followed by stenting/bypass as a package. Another popular treatment is for infertility. While they are at it a lot of smart patients also get their teeth fixed and whatever plastic surgery they need...

Michael W. Kruse

Of course the US has five times more people so if there were only half as likely to go as Brits they would still far out number the Brits. It would be interesting to see what the stats are on why people travel to India for medical services by country of origin wouldn't it?


It's a fascinating study. It's also true that the Brits are dismantling their NHS as fast as they can. The government there is committed to making medicine into just one more business, a route that I think will prove to be disastrous.

It's something that I suspect that the US government has also been toying with vis the VHS. All that's really needed is to 'allow' something sufficiently nasty to happen and then decry that privatisation is the only solution.

To my suspicious mind, the inordinate delays in the NHS are being 'allowed' to happen while at the same time the govt. is supposedly increasing spending. In other words, the system at one time did work pretty well, but for some reason is now becoming more and more inefficient - I wonder why?

Our hospitals (here in India) are not asking any questions - they are extremely happy!

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