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Oct 04, 2007


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It's hard to know where to begin. Some companies are voluntarily making the effort to hire more low caste people. Our government does make threatening noises about enforcing reservation in hiring but they are already bogged down with the courts in trying to get reservations enforced for education.

The caste problem is still a ruling reality in many rural areas. Our cities are somewhat doing better.

It is not realised that caste is one of the central facets of a genuinely Hindu way of life. It is tied into how our society functions at almost every level and most powerfully in the system of finding mates.

Our hope is that with better education, the internet, free flows of information, an unfettered press and a somewhat vibrant democracy, I think that we will slowly wipe out casteism.

Michael W. Kruse

Sam, I found the story to be a wonderful case study in why can't just parachute money and capital instituions into a culture and, presto-chango, you have prosperity. Every culture, including American culture, has challenges like this.

I wonder how Hindus will adapt?


Educational institutions, schools, colleges and universities, are mostly coed and so is the workplace, and this is bringing people together and building relationships in ways that a half century ago was hard to imagine. Extended families have been the main culprits in propagating casteism but they too are being challenged as kids fall in love without regard to caste and even creed!

it's interesting though that amongst immigrants to England some families are still managing to arrange marriages for their kids even over against these kids objections. The systems really are deeply entrenched and it will take time and continuing effort to make a permanent change.

Hinduism is becoming somewhat more liberal. There are a number of temple priests, for example, who encourage love marriages simply by refusing to ask any awkward questions. What is very sad is that casteism is quite deeply but quietly entrenched in the Indian Christian church.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for your great insights, Sam. As to the state of the church in India ... **big sigh** May God open eyes to new visions.

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