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Nov 23, 2007


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I just cannot believe the ups and downs of college football this year. Oh. My. Goodness. How can the BCS folks keep any of this straight (well, never mind...even when it has been fairly straight, they didn't seem to get it!)

I'll be listening to the Apple Cup tomorrow, and hoping that the Cougars beat the Huskies so our seniors can leave with a final win! :^(

Michael W. Kruse

At least three times this season a #1 team has been beaten by an unranked team. It makes me wonder about the ranking system.

I did grad school at Kansas State and before the late 1980s (which was after I left) the school had the worst NCAA division 1 record over their history of any team in the country. I can relate to looking for the occasional win. :)


Wazzzu! Well, I'm feeling better that our Cougars beat those Poodles...uh...Huskies. Whew...

And UCLA beat the Ducks! YIKES! What a year!

Mizzou is up 34 to 21...hope they hold on for you, bro!

Michael W. Kruse

Mizzou got 'em. Glad the Cougars got it done too. Sounds like it was a good day for the cat family. :)


Yes,purrr...and our Seahawks stopped the Bears...condolences to Scot McKnight ;^)

Now we just have to see if the only undefeated team (the Warriors from Hawai'i) can hold off the Huskies next week...

Michael W. Kruse

At 4 and 7, my Chiefs are now pretty much toast. Now I need to find a NFL team to cheer for in the playoffs. Right now it is probably anyone who is playing the Patriots. :)

I expect I'll be pulling for Mizzou the rest of the way at the college level.

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