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Nov 19, 2007


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Rodger Sellers

Geez, I HOPE it's not accurate! Otherwise, I've just found out that I'm writing at an elementary school level! Not a chance I'll post that!


brad brisco

Pretty funny, my site is College Level (undergrad), must be the quotes from others much wiser than me!

Viola Larson

Now to make everyone feel better I hope. Several weeks ago I got a High school rating, tonight a College -post graduate. I have a feeling this is like a paper I had handed back to me by one of my college philosophy professors. He gave me an A but wrote that he couldn't understand what I was writing about but that I sounded like I knew what I was talking about. So the rating probably has something to do with how comprehensible you are. If they can't understand a word you are saying you must be college level !:)

Michael W. Kruse


I suspect it has something to do with sentence length/complexity and number of multi-syllable words you use.

It also occurs to me that my spelling and grammar editing probably isn't up to par with a high schooler, so if the algorithm factors in my spelling and grammar I'm in deep trouble. :)

Bob Robinson

YIKES! Do I really write so pompously?

Michael W. Kruse

LOL. I'd really like a peak at those algorithms.

Denis Hancock

Hmmm. Reformed Angler's at a College Undergraduate level. I guess that means I'm more erudite than you. [tongue firmly in cheek...]

Seriously, I think High School level is a worthy target to be achieved.

Michael W. Kruse

What's erudite? :)


Well, this establishes once and for all that it's a random graphic generator. Surely your blog rates high above mine in the stratosphere of ideas...and yet, mine is labeled "post graduate". As if.

The fact that the HTML included spam for loan offers made me think that it's only a ruse to make me think I'm more erudite than I really am...and now I KNOW that must be the case...because your blog is light years more intellectual than yours truly. Be of good cheer, it's just a ruse...

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