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Dec 26, 2007


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Brad Cooper

Very exciting for the poor people of Laos.

Reminds me of when WalMart came to the area that we lived in almost 20 years ago. All the financially well off individuals in the community were complaining that WalMart would cause locally owned businesses to shut down--which it did.

Those business owner's had to make the difficult transition of change to a different source of income. But those of us who were having a hard time making ends meet were very glad for how WalMart impacted our weekly budget....

Michael W. Kruse

WalMart is controversial one. Most folks think of improved standard of living in terms of increasing income. Lower cost goods also improve standards of living. The lower you are on the economic scale you are the greater percentage of your income goes to food and basic necessities, precisely the goods WalMart focuses on. It is interesting that we rarely here the poor complaining about WalMart but middle to upper-middle class activists treat WalMart like Satan. On the whole, I think WalMart is by far a net positive. (See my post from Aug 2006 Is Wal-Mart a Good Thing?)

Brad Cooper

I absolutely agree, Michael. Cost-effective production and distribution of the things that people need at a reasonable quality level is a boon for poorer people. In my experience, WalMart (and others; e.g., ALDI) provide that.

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