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Dec 17, 2007


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Charles @ ReformationUCC.org

Mouw points to a strange phenomenon... He believes he is avoiding the "prosperity Gospel" by not talking about God's concern for daily life. I'm not slamming Mouw here per se but the mainline and other Americans who have this problem. It's because really we've never had to trust God to provide for the things in the middle. We've believed they would come if we worked hard enough the good old "American Way". As you notice that's not Christianity trusting in God's providence, that's trusting in ourselves and our own strength. Which is worse I wonder, this self confident American pelagianism or the prosperity Gospel? I'm not voting for the Prosperity Gospel, I'm just saying BOTH are bad. Good for Mouw to note the problem.

Michael W. Kruse

Charles, more so than most, I think Mouw has worked very hard at a theology of the middle. I think rather he is lamenting his traditions avoidance rather suggesting that it is a good strategy. But I think you are right on. Thinking of things in terms of a "theology of the middle" is helpful stuff.

Just because we aren't preaching the prosperity gospel doesn't mean we've got it right, does it?

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