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Jan 09, 2008


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I can tell you right now, we will never see this happen. Candidates policies focus on voters, and old people vote, not young.

Michael W. Kruse

I'm not quite as pessimistic. I was reading a book recently that showed several studies that indicate that many voters indeed vote against their pocketbooks. Most generally vote to do what they believe to be the "right thing." There is just wide divergence on what constitutes the right thing. I think older voters would be willing to sacrifice if the right case were made but discerning what that right case is in the middle of a campaign is extremely perilous.



Have you seen this video floating around? I would really like to know what you think about it...


And thanks for all that you do to help keep us informed!


Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for the link peggy. I've not seen that one.

My response? The video rivals Al Gore for some of the most outrageous distortions of economics supported with out and out lies. It would take me countless posts to delve into it all. Still, it might be fun at some point to deconstruct this video at some point.

As with Al Gore, she captures same very real concerns about our economic behavior but the narrative she places them is outrageous, feeding on the animus that many people already have toward business. She is about as neo-Malthusian as it gets.

Check back with me later and I'll tell you what I really think. :)


I had a feeling that was what you'd think. I am so grateful to have you in my blogroll! This is really getting some hot press around the Christian blogosphere and it, well, just didn't "smell" right to me...way too extreme!

Thanks for letting me add to your already big pile of "to do" stuff! You rock, bro :^)


FYI: Alan Hirsch and MO Blogger Dan (from my sidebar) are where I saw this clip....

Michael W. Kruse

I hate always playing the antagonist on these issues. I thought about responding at Hirsch's site but I'm considering other options.


Hey, if you'll put up a response here, I'll direct traffic for you ;^)

I am a very radical person in many ways, but people are frequently surprised that I am also a very conservative person....what else would you expect from an AbiSomeone! :^)

Michael W. Kruse

I may do that Peggy, but it will have to be next week. I've arrived in Louisville today for two days of Presbyterian meetings. They release me on Saturday. I actually composed a draft to post at Hirsch's site but I thought better of it. I'll need to rework and edit. Thanks for being such and instigator. :)


Instigator...sounds much better than PEST ;^)

Have a great time in Louisville and take your time. It is frequently better to wait and say something well that to shoot from the hip. :^)

Seahawks and Packers on Saturday...I hear it's gonna snow in Green Bay! Hehehe....


Whenever you get around to posting a reply, give me a heads up, will ya?

Michael W. Kruse

I'll send you a note. It won't be Tuesday but maybe later in the week. I am sooooo far behind after being out of town.


Dude...I don't know how you keep up with what you do...then I remember you don't have children and I have my answer. Talk about subsidiary focus :^) No pressure from The Abbess, bro!

Michael W. Kruse

"...then I remember you don't have children"

Bingo! :)

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