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Jan 22, 2008


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I was fortunate to learn the difference between need and want when I went to the mission field in Asia 30 years ago.

When you do not have running (much less hot!) water or grocery stores or phones or computers or e-mail or air conditioning or screens on windows or someone who gets your jokes ... I could go on, but you get the drift ... you have an opportunity to be one of the ones who gets it. (Dr. Phil's first of his 10 life laws is: You either get it or you don't. Life Strategy: be one of the ones you gets it.)

The challenge is for those of us who do get it to find ways to help those who don't ... and it always requires showing and experiencing rather than telling and imagining.

...getting down off of soap box... ;^)

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Peggy. You anticipate some of where I'm going with my Thursday post.


I try to be proactive with my kids, noticing and pointing out those kinds of messages which abound, to convince us we need something that we previously didn't even know we wanted.

Another phrase that drives me nuts is, "You deserve". I think it was Wendy's where I saw it, "You deserve...." whatever menu item? Huh? Anyway, I feel like teaching my kids to recognize the intended message underneath what they hear and might automatically respond to is important.

Michael W. Kruse

It is amazing how pervasive this type of language is. Life is much happier when I'm not so needy.


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