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Jan 17, 2008


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It continues to be a wonderful thing for me to see this focus coming up. It is very much at the heart of cHesed, which is the heart of CovenantClusters.

I struggle with wanting to see the lightblubs being turned on, but too much of that keeps me from getting down to the important task of implementation ;^)

I am sure that God will continue to help me do things according to his timetable :^)

Thanks for the many avenues of encouragement you provide.


My favorite of your posts to date.

> Mission led to community and community led to mission.

Literally. Mission led to church, but church was community, so this is a strong construction.

> We draw other people into our community with us partly by the care we show for each other. I believe this is the biblical intention but it is poorly executed in our culture.

The money line, and I completely agree, but you provoke the critical question, "What are we executing wrong?" And this question applies to living simply in abundance, too. They are intimately related. The answer may be simple.

We are driving to church instead of walking.

This little convenience has allowed us to value doctrinal alignment over other, vastly more important, considerations in choosing our churches. The first is whether we can possibly form meaningful community with these people. We simply cannot when they are 20 minutes away by minivan. And it's a crying shame, a weeping, lamenting shame, when we pass 4 or 5 churches blocks from home because they have the wrong acronym after their names.

Michael W. Kruse

Peggy, I've identified what I think needs to happen. I think you are farther down the road in figuring out how to live it.

Codepoke, Thanks. I think we have to be invested in change for the long haul. Our very infrastructure mitigates against being the kind of communities we need to be. We have a long road to travel.


National Infrastructure, or Denominational Infrastructure?

Michael W. Kruse

Well, I was actually thinking of national infrastructure, but denominational infrastructure applies as well. Truth is that it may be easier to redevelop our physical landscape than redevelop our denominations. :)


Agreed! It's not driving that's bad, it's driving past loving brothers and sisters to give ourselves to distant brothers and sisters. And that's the denominational infrastructure.

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