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Jan 15, 2008


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J. K. Gayle

Thanks for giving the Romans, not the Greeks, the due credit for headship=leadership. So why did Paul write the Romans in Greek again? Really, thanks for the very helpful series on household codes in the NT which treat men and women very differently.

And thanks for the reviews of these two important books.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks J. K.

"So why did Paul write the Romans in Greek again?" I have no idea. All I can tell you is that the whole NT is all Greek to me. :)

Seriously, I this book is already provoking some pretty heated discussion and it isn't even officially available.


Great review, concise, thorough, and balanced. I was interested in your paragraph stating that the book wasn't endorsing a return to 1st century practices. That was what I understood in reading it also, but it seems that many people feel that the underlying agenda of the book is either house church or an idealistic NT model.

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Grace.

There is so much emotional invesment in the issues PC raises that I think it is virtually impossible for many people to read it without knee-jerking to their pet fears.

We have become so invested in our traditions that we've lost our ability to focus misionally and adapt to new contexts. We can't even conceptualize church without these historical practices. I'm not convinced that Viola or Barna have a silver bullet solution but we do need some folks them to brightly shine the light on where all our "stuff" came from.

Mike Morrell

Great review, Michael. I'd love to get your feedback on http://zoecarnate.wordpress.com/2008/02/08/coming-out-of-the-pagan-christianity-closet/>my new post about all this, especially with your involvement in the Presbyterian church. Did you feel attacked by their institutional deconstruction? Or did it strike you differently?

Bill Lollar

Hi, Michael. Just thought you and your readers might enjoy reading a new interview I just posted with George Barna and Frank Viola: The Thin Edge hosts joint interview with Barna & Viola. Thanks for your review!

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Bill.


Thanks for your accurate review of this Book! I've referred to it many times. If you would permit me to plant two seeds:


God Bless

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