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Jan 24, 2008


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Rob Decker


A hearty amen to this post. The leapfrog of technology in developing nations is the big missed story in the West.

While in the states, it is very common to have someone send you a confirming e-mail, in China I found that they would send a confirming text message.

For some reason, while text messaging is expensive in the US compared to calling (on most plans), in China texting was almost nothing compared to a voice call. Thus, everyone uses their phones as mini computers, sending texts (in Chinese, no less.) And the cell phone network is much more reliable and available compared to the land wire network. They've essentially leapfrogged the wired system technology straight to wireless.

One of the most innovative language teaching programs in China, teaching English and Chinese, recently posted the following message on their website, www.englishpod.com:

To our valued clients:

Effective October 1st, we will be adjusting our business model, and will concentrate our efforts exclusively on mobile learning opportunities inside China. With over 1.4 billion citizens, there is an enormous demand for English language communications skills in China, and with over 500 million mobile handsets currently in use, mobile learning is a concept whose time has come."

I've read that one of the reasons that the Reformation was successful with Luther and Calvin, but wasn't with Hus and Wycliffe, is because of the breakthrough in communication technology at that time. It's said that a Sunday sermon of Calvin's was published and distributed throughout Switzerland and France by the end of the week.

Certainly blogging has been a similar breakthrough, and podcasting is quickly catching up. Is cell texting the next one?

Is your blog cell phone friendly?

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks for this, Rob.

"Is your blog cell phone friendly?"

I haven't a clue. I've never tried to access it via phone (I don't currently do web on my phone). Maybe someone with a phone will let me know.

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