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Jan 21, 2008


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Bob Robinson

What would evangelicals remember?
Most evangelicals saw him as a radical liberal, and if push comes to shove, still would admit that they hate his social justice ideas.
That is the unmentionable shame of this holiday.

Michael W. Kruse

I see King as deeply passionate and deeply flawed man, trying to do God's will in the World to his utmost. (Israel had a king with similar traits.) He gave his very life in the cause of justice.

King was a major of interest of mine in high school and college. I've read most of his books. I have recordings of some of his speech's and sermons. He is a hero. That doesn't mean I or anyone else needs to endorse each and every aspect of his political/economic views. King was fallable as well. I'm inspired by King to pursue justice wherever I understand it leads, even if it means to the point of disagreeing with King.


I have a DVD set of The Best of Merv Griffin, which has a show with King. What an articulate man. What a grief that his life was cut short. Isn't that the case with all martyrs? On the other hand, as with all of us "deeply flawed" humans, the longer we live, the more of our flaws get revealed.

I look forward to the day when we allow each other to actually be human and have grace and mercy for each other as we encourage one another on to love and good deeds...

I have a dream, too....

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