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Feb 20, 2008


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I am quite skeptical of the apocalyptic stream of the global warming movement. That being said, it seems to reasonable for a total non-scientist like me to assume that global warming is happening to some degree. It also seems that a move toward green tech and everyone shrinking their carbon footprint is a net good. But I definitely resist the band-wagonism of the global warming movement.

Michael W. Kruse

Peter, I think there is little doubt that the earth has warmed over the past century. My beef lies elsewhere. For instance, global temps have been both considerably cooler and warmer in the past. On what basis do we declare the temps we are departing from the optimal temps? Optimal for who or what? Furthermore, to what degree is human generated CO2 the cause of temp change? Then, if we agree that CO2 is causing temp change, we have accesss the significance of that change.

My position is that we are compelled to make decisions in a context of great uncertainty. We have identified a potetnial threat. Environmentalists often deride "ubridled capitalism" as the enemy but then substitute "unbridled environmentalism" in its place. There are potentially profund negative trade-offs by doing nothing AND by doing something. Those with ideological axes to grind seem unwilling to live in the tension and pronounce certainty where there is none.

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