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Feb 07, 2008


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Yes drug abuse is very harmful for youngsters and women especially according to the research.
So its my message to all users to avoid drugs.

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The survey data does not include High School dropouts or absentees. Drug abuse is believed to be much higher among this population but dropouts are a small and shrinking portion of youth population. While drug use is undoubtedly much higher than it was before the mid-1960s it is lower by nearly 40% from the late 1970s. There is no evidence of a wide spread drug abuse epidemic in the schools or among youth in general. The one caveat in this is the improper use of prescription drugs. There is evidence that this activity may be increasing but I’ve seen no definitive data.

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The data exists suggests that substance abuse by the overall population peaked in the late 1970s. The percentage of the population age 12 and older, that had used any illicit drug in the last month in 1979, was 14.1%. This number declined to 12.1% by 1985. Three years later that percentage had dropped to 7.9%, and by 1992 it hit a low of 5.8%. By the late 1990s the rate had leveled out at about the 6.3% range. It is possible that it has risen slightly since that time. The amount of substan.

">http://www.substanceabusecenter.com> Substance Abuse Center

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