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Mar 24, 2008


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The failure on the part of government to ensure that all families have sufficient income to meet their basic human needs has caused holes in the financial safety net to steadily worsen over the years. Our government’s failure to prioritize the needs of the poorest of the poor is causing increased hardships among those least suited to survive them.
Simultaneously, other challenges facing many of these same families are growing worse as a result of insufficient support for basic child welfare, mental health and substance abuse programs. These issues are bound together. It is virtually impossible to resolve many of the behavioral health issues families are facing when they must focus all of their energy on simply surviving.
We must place a greater priority on financial resources for the poorest of the poor. We must provide sufficient benefits through our safety net programs to meet all basic needs for these families. This is already a crisis for the people affected by these issues.
We call upon our state and federal elected representatives to not turn away from these serious problems.
We must take immediate action!
Please contact your federal and state elected officials to urge them to address these issues!

Michael W. Kruse

I agree with many of your concerns but we are in chicken or the egg issue here. You're saying we need more aid for families but if would had a stronger ethic for strong families many of the problems you mentioned would be lessened and less aid would be needed.

We can't go on endlessly redistributing income to a growing population of people that won't adopt behaviors and lifestyles consistent with economic security. That simply rewards the wrong behaviors. The challenge is how to nurture the human and spiritual capital people need to make it economically. That isn't going to come primarily from government and it starts with families.


It's not the responsibility of the federal government to ensure that anyone has sufficient income. That's a well-intentioned but misguided sentiment that is only going to make all of our problems worse, not better.

The kind of concern and helping hand advocated by the anonymous post is best handled by local NGO's that are empowered to do more than simply subsidize aberrant, and self destructive choices and behaviors.

I agree with Michael. It's not like we haven't already spent literally trillions of dollars proving that giving people money and stamps for basic needs doesn't solve the poverty problem. We've only made the situation worse by creating an entrenched poverty culture...and we seem unwilling to acknowledge the mistake and learn from it.

Unless and until this country rediscovers, affirms, and works with the poor to inculcate the cultural values that lead to personal prosperity and self-reliance, we're just spinning our wheels, fooling ourselves, and hurting the people we claim that we're trying to help.

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