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Mar 24, 2008


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These statistics you are presenting are very compelling, but they sort of beg the question. You are proving that "everything is changing" for the better. The more important question is "Are things changing enough, or fast enough?"(especially given the fact that statistical averages often hide real personal tragedies). "Should a nation where a majority of citizens claim to be Christian be doing more to change everything?"

I am more interested in these more normative" questions than the "postive" response you have made so far.

Despite your statistics, I still have to agree with McLaren that everything must change. What I am more like to disagree on is how things much change.


What I am more likely to disagree with him on is how things must change.

Michael W. Kruse

Fair enough. I think I will begin to get to your questions in two or three more posts.

My objective to this point has been to counter the notion that our present experience is a "suicide machine," or at least not one in the sense McLaren is framing it. That so much good is happening does not, in itself, legitmate what is happening. On the other hand, I have a sense that diehard devotees of McLaren's perspective are not willing to even begin a normative discussion when they already "know" the present situtaion is so suicidal.

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