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Mar 12, 2008


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Honestly, healthcare is too important to leave to insurers and hospital corporations. We need nationalized healthcare now. We need a cap on healthcare salaries, a cap on drug prices and we need every double foresight on ordered diagnostic tests. Our overpriced system with it's over-prescribed bleeding edge (patented non-generic) medicines and overuse high priced examination procedures and overpaid health care workers is not working. Then, also lets cap malpractice awards, prohibit lawyer advertising ambulance chasing (actually anymore bedsore chasing) please give me a break. Lets have a do over here and get more productive as a nation.

Michael W. Kruse

Ephena I don't want to leave health insurance to insurers or hospital corporations, nor do I want it left to government bureaucracy. I prefer it be left to individual consumers to make instutions and businesses compete for their healthcare dollars (with assistance for those at the margins.) There is no one size plan that fits all. I think the biggest problem is that market forces have been removed from the equation.


As a person with a pre-existing condition McCain's plan scares me. As a fiscal conservative, I like it. If it was left for me to find insurance for myself without a company to back me up it would be impossible for me to get the coverage I need to maintain my lifestyle, as 80% of my pay would go towards insurance. That is why, for me, group coverage works.

Michael W. Kruse

"As a person with a pre-existing condition McCain's plan scares me."

I think it should. As this article points out, I don't think anyone has yet achieved public policy "nirvana" on this issue. Like you, I think McCain is moving in the right direction.

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