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Apr 09, 2008


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Bob Smietana

The story doesn't mention whether the study's author looked at geography as a factor. My guess is that, at least in the US, conservative theology is more prevalent in the South, which is a less affluent part of the country

Michael W. Kruse

This article raised just enough issues to make me want to ask a bunch more questions. The geography question is a good one.

BTW, the small group of men I meet with weekly are going to start "Good Intentions" on the 18th. We've got our copies and are ready to go.

Charles M. North

This is an interesting story. As it happens, Carl Gwin, Wafa Orman, and I are working with some new survey data collected by Gallup and funded by Templeton. Wafa looked at some of the questions regarding savings, financial assets, homewonership, and so on, and found no differences among different religious traditions. We'll have to look at the AJS article and see if it gives legs to a bunch of "we-didn't-find-anythings."

Hope everyone enjoys Good Intentions.

Michael W. Kruse

Charles, I'd love to know more of what you learn on this!

The guys seem pumped about the book. We start on Friday.

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