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Apr 14, 2008


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Are you serious? Are you seriously, serious? Yes, let's pass a measure to increase noise pollution as well! C'mon folks, get with it.

Michael W. Kruse

LOL. I think we need balance. I'll allow for an increase in noise pollution from electric cars as long as we decrease the noise pollution from cellphone ringtones. :)


Come on, we don't need more noise. I walk, run, and ride my bike on the roads around my small community (pop. 48000)and often the noise from cars is so loud I can't hear my mp3!! The lack of noise from electric cars would be welcome and eventually people would learn to look before they turn into the path of a vehicle. Doesn't congress have anything more important to do with their time?
The one law I would like to see congress pass is that they would have to recind a law before they could pass a new one. Or maybe they should recind two for each new one.

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