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Apr 18, 2008


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And the US wants to use corn for bio-diesel fuel which cuts into our exports, trade imbalance and hurts the consumer here and abroad.

All that and it's more polluting than regular diesel as well.


Michael W. Kruse

Not to mention cropland that is diverted in emerging nations toward production of this fuel. It leads to more deforestation and threats to habitat.

I think one of the pieces to the puzzle is the distorted prices kept in place by Western subsidized agriculture and protectionism in the West against foreign foods. A combination of factors from rising energy costs, to a net negative interest rate (interest rate less the inflation rate), to a global increased demand for food have run headlong into this unrealistic market situation created by the West. I suspect food prices will restabilize, albeit at an increased level, but not before some gyrations as markets try to realign themselves to reality.

But then again, we could all just be going to Hell in a hand basket. :)


But Michael, didn't Brian just tell us that we need more government oversight? So there can't be anything wrong with mandates and subsidies for biofuels. It's green and sustainable, so it must be good. Who are we to say different? It's not about freedom, it's about what's fair. And they understand what's fair better than the rest of us.

Speaking of "green," I just read about this new government research food development called Soylent Green. Michael, we must be willing to sacrifice for the COMMON GOOD!

Michael W. Kruse


"The Soylent Green Party"

Our motto:

"Seeking only the common good."

I love it!

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