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Jun 20, 2008


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Not incompetence, propaganda. This item further demonstrates that CBS News is agenda driven, and not a legitimate news organization anymore. The acronym now stands for Concentrated BS.


The comment you quote has it correct: 1955-1965 was the most energetic 11 years for earthquakes on record. The 1960 Chile earthquake alone accounts for about 30% of all seismic energy in the 20th century.

The interesting thing is that global warming should *decrease* the number of "tectonic" earthquakes even though it will increase the number of smaller "isostatic" earthquakes.
(Note the article is about the extreme example of the planet Venus)

My $0.02



"a Dr. Tom Chalko, has some less than stellar associations with what I would describe as “new age” mysticism, ..."

Note that YOU say what YOU describe it as. You're merely passing your OWN (or ideas of others) judgment on his work. Does that make YOUR word more truthful than his? Yet, does it still make his less important?

What about his statement from years ago that only until now is found out by 'new age' scientists?

Dont only focus on earthquakes, because youre ignoring the real issues at hand

Michael W. Kruse

The entire post is a collection excerpts from the article, not my words, thus the indentation.

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