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Jun 09, 2008


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Not to pick on the PCUSA to the exclusion of any other denomination, but yeah. In more ways than I could begin to count.

Michael W. Kruse



I've always been suspicious of "designer religions" - those that are made up to appeal to a wide group (like the Hare Krishnas, or Scientology (which I include in the discussion of religion only because they say they are, and because LRH told his friends, "if you want to make real money, start a religion)).

A church that changes its basics isn't a church of God any more, it's a chucrch of man.

Clearly, though, there's a problem with that line of argument, else we'd all be Calvinists. Or Lutherans. Or, going further back, Catholics.

I think I can accept his point that the Church stays the same, it's the mission that has to reach a different bunch of people.

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