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Jun 13, 2008


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It's the media...you tell people a lie often enough and they begin to believe it...even if their own lives contradict it.

If the current president's name were Obama or Clinton...or Kerry or Gore, the coverage of the war, the economy, and everything else would be less negative.

The advent of a Republican administration of any kind, it seems, is license for the media to release the hounds to distort reality until things are, as they see it, set right.

Michael W. Kruse

I don't know that it is just anti-Republican. It just seems that he only things that make the news are the sensational and issues of conflict. Good news is rarely either of these.

But I think there is also an issue of rising expectations. Living with generataions of improving standards of living, expectations of even greater changes coming faster sets in. Improvements that would have been considered monumental a generation or two ago are now seen as failure. I think expectations a big part of it.


I agree...as a culture we're looking at life through a pretty distorted lens...and again I'll blame the media [ ;^) ] for playing to the darker, delusional side of human nature.

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