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Jun 30, 2008


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We await patiently.

In the meantime, another blogger noticed this wonderful example of innumeracy on the PC(USA) site:

Single-Payer Health Care

(in the RATIONALE)
"And single-payer universal healthcare reform would increase coverage from the 60 percent of Americans already covered by Medicare (over 65) or Medicaid (severely limited wealth) to 100 percent of Americans, a net increase of only 40 percent"

An increase from 60 to 100 is in fact a 67% increase (60*1.67 = 100).

No wonder their finances are in such bad shape.

Michael W. Kruse

As with so many of these issues, its the thought that counts. Who cares if we have a clue what we are doing or the impace it will have. :)

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