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Jun 18, 2008


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May the Lord bless your time.

If you don't mind, I'm going to put a blantant request for a topic out there. I shouldn't even mention it until you're back from your convention, but I cannot help myself.

It seems to me that the price of gasoline is only now beginning to fall back in line with it's real price in the 70's. We went through the 90's paying unrealistically low prices for gasoline, and now we are experiencing a small market correction. I don't believe the price will ever drop below $5/gal once it gets there, and that's an appropriate number given increase in the costs of food, housing, automobiles, etc.

I'm not saying the price should be high to cure global warming or anything. I just think the price is approaching a reasonable equilibrium given supply, demand, and the economy around it.

Am I daft?

Michael W. Kruse

Codpoke, remind me in about two weeks. I think there is some merit to what you say but so many countries subsidize petro (China and India) supply and demand badly distorted.

I think the central issue is this: Stocks aren't good. Bonds aren't good. Real estate isn't good. The dollar is weak. Where can institutional investors invest to get a decent return for their investors? Commodities. That means oil, food, minerals, metals and such. Let the dollar get stronger or some other avenue of investment get healthy and I think the price will drop...but probably not much below $3, if that low, from what I read.

Dana Ames

I have to put in my $.02 for wonderful organically grown, humanely raised grass-fed beef and pork, and free range chickens, that are local to my part of California. Golly, they taste good! (and I like veggie burgers too-) So my conscience is not bothered at all by eating that meat...


Michael W. Kruse


One of things I'm certain of is someone is going try to go get seafood. My opinion is that most things that came from the see should be thrown back. :) Grass-fed beef and pork are dandy by me.

Dana Ames

Well, that's where you and I part company. I love most all kinds of seafood, and it's usually quite fresh out here in no-man's land- er, California- The simpler, the better, and don't overcook- cardinal rule for fish. We're the salad bowl of the nation too. One of the best parts about living here is the good food.

Ok, enough for now, you're busy-


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