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Jun 13, 2008


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Ohhhh..this is rich!! (no pun intended)

I still remember the first time I walked in the "party hotel" in my hometown in Romania. They had a "dollar shop" where you could only buy stuff with U.S. dollars and it was packed with coffee, Kent cigarettes, and a whole other bunch of stuff that average people could not buy. The hotel rooms had televisions, showers and running hot water while the rest of us only got hot water for 2 or 3 hours every Saturday night.

I hope the people of Cuba will be freed from this evil ideology. Maybe it will happen without violence.


This is a huge step forward for Cuba. Hopefully the first of many. Wonder if China's successful experiment with economic freedom provides Raul some ideological cover. The purists will accuse him of betraying the revolution, of course, but this shows a healthy sign of pragmatism on his part.

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