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Aug 14, 2008


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Love this post, Michael!

Shalom is another multifaceted Hebrew word I appreciate ... like my favorite: Hesed.

I would say that shalom is the consequence, the result, the fruit of hesed ... all very perichoretic!

Michael W. Kruse

Thanks Peggy.

The connection with hesed is important and that raises some interesting questions with the topic I'm discussing. How closely can we move things toward shalom without hesed? What does it mean to pursue shalom in a world where God is not truly worshiped? Is seeking greater shalom a way of drawing people into the hesed of God?


I find these statements and scriptural passages delightful that you are embracing for others on this post. Especially the one on "JUSTICE"...."Speak The Truth to one another"-not leaving out details either; render in Your gate judgements that are of the "Truth"....and make for Peace-this IS critical.....etc. Zechariah 8:16-17....these are of serious matters before God. Without the whole truth of matters we render under false pretence...and therefore, fall severely at the way side in waits of God's judgements......peace matters to God; as it does before other believers in Christ, and so on..... An audience is watching--the innocent waiting to bear witness of the good things they've seen, too foretell their heirs--the good news--I think????? hummmmmmm... Great Passages....."R"

Ted M. Gossard

Good post, Michael.

"There can be no shalom without God honoring economic enterprise."

I just think we have to be careful to see the roots of American economic enterprise and how it's built at least partially on self-gain and even historically, self-aggrandizement.

If you havent' heard of the recent book by Michael Babcock who actually teaches at Liberty University, entitled Unchristian America: Living with a faith in a nation that was never under God", you ought to get a copy and give it a read. Not a long book and while I don't think I agree or would quite put it like he does, yet his reflections on America, and in this connection with America's materialistic ethic is quite interesting. Mark Noll gives it a nod as going in a good direction, at least. http://www.amazon.com/UnChristian-America-Living-Faith-Nation/dp/141431860X

Ted M. Gossard

Also, I know you're not talking about American economic work towards shalom here, and elsewhere you have quoted how it's God's people who need to make the difference and not governments.

Yet Kuyper's model does assume that Christian influence should impact government to act in ways to help the poor, correct?

Michael W. Kruse

Kuyper believed Christians should influence every aspect of life including government.

I think righteous government aids the poor first and foremost by assuring that the poor receive justice in the courts and from law enforcement. I think government has the responsibility to play referee between the various spheres of society and sometimes within spheres. When there are actions that government can take on behalf of the poor that no other entity in society take or take as well as government, that is legit as well.

However, when government begins to see itself as the manager of the economy by doing things like setting prices or picking winners and losers in the economy it is on destructive path.

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