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Nov 13, 2008


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David Brush

The public education system in our country is biased against the natural learning patterns of boys. There is a strong desire to give 'em a good dose of ADD meds and call it a day, because they have no idea how to handle the natural exuberance of boys. Boys are implicitly taught that they are what is wrong with the world, and that no one expects more of them than to play video games and watch tv.

These beliefs are pulled completely out of the air, and with no validation, just my gut reaction. :-)


is it a matter of admitance to higher education or application?

Do boys apply?

Do parents encourage their boys to attend college?

Is technical school considered higher education in the study?

I don't think that we should assume that more men are uneducated and more women are. They may have pursued study in other fields... machanics, electronics, computers, construction... It is grossly unfair to say that persons educated in such fields do not have degrees. I think the study reflects some degree of snobery toward technical fields and is less sexist and more classist.


the other thing i am concerned about is the way our culture is socializing boys. I hear things like... being smart is sissy. (the why men hate church thing is a good example. pastors are considered sissy-like because of their book learning and men don't want to have bible studies).

further... my boys experienced peer pressure when they were in school to care little about grades but glory in the more macho cultural pursuits. Teachers were encouraging them but peers were discouraging excellence in academics.

I also thing role models are vital and teaching is still considered a feminine pursuit... male teachers need to be present in the elementary and secondary education classroom.

I am concerned about those messages that our boys are getting from the wider culture. I do not think the only message boys get is that they are what is wrong with the world as the above poster stated.

Our society defines maleness too narrowly, focuses too much on macho-ness. Just like good parents need to dispell the beauty myth for girls, they also need to dispell the myths presented to our boys--especially that learning is for sissys.

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