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Nov 18, 2008


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Dana Ames

Small historical note:
The Austro-Hungarian empire always had ports on the Adriatic, and, for a time, on the North Sea. Until recently, Austria had not been landlocked for 600-700 years. Which proves the point.

It would be interesting to contrast S. America with Africa.

Yup, the problem is how to help people see that the long term view, and what it takes to get there, is in their self-interest. For us too.


Michael W. Kruse

There are only two landlocked nations in the Western Hemisphere: Bolivia and Paraguay. Combined total population about 16 million.

Africa has sixteen landlocked nations by my count. Combined total population about 290 million.

South and Central America are way ahead of Africa with most of them in the middle of the international pack or higher.

"For us too."


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