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Nov 10, 2008


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It is what it is.

Quotidian Grace

Thanks for the tip, Mike. This inspired me to ask my readers to help compile the 10 Most Annoying Presby-Phrases list. Come over to my place and play!



I really like the phrase, "At the end of the day." I never use it, but only because it makes lists like this. To my ear, it carries the connotation that even after a long, hard attempt to wrestle a problem into some other shape, it will remain immovable. I often wish I could use it.

But there's no arguing with such universal disdain.

Kansas Bob

To use another overused word - your observation was awesome :)

Michael W. Kruse

One I was surprised not to see was "The fact of the matter is..."

Another that is getting old is "not so much."

Thanks Kansas Bob. I hear "awesome" less often now but it is still used way too much.


Glaring omission:


Give me nightmares.

Rahab Klingensmith

I'd have to make a claim for the "Oxford Researchers" .... it should have stated as an implemented phrase in need of submission...

"Change"....before its too late-release the oppressed...dignify the churches expression"

My observation....Rahab

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